Google Search comes to Windows Phone via Internet Explorer

As a Windows Phone user I’m a big fan of the built in Bing search functionality.  It is rich, powerful and you get that great daily wallpaper on your phone (which you can save to your Windows Phone via the Insider app).  But even I have a need now and again to go to Google to do a search for something that I can’t find on Bing (become a more rare need).  Now you can do that Google search quick and easy on your Windows Phone.

Before you leave this article however and go diving into Marketplace to find an app, hold on just one second.  There is no app them in the store.  No, Google has made this available to you in Internet Explorer on your Windows Phone and I have to say, they have done a pretty darn good job.

If you browse to Google on your phone you will get a Windows Phone specific page for searching.  What is even more cool is that Google has made this an item that you can pin to your Start screen if you want to do so.  It is a slick little trick!  Think of it as a “web app” much like what you can do with an iPhone and Safari.

So head on over to on your Windows Phone and check it out!

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