The Addictive Xbox Game Shuffle Party is Free for Windows Phone

If you like bowling and shuffle board then you need to go hit up the Marketplace on your Windows Phone and get Shuffle Party.  The Xbox Live game is currently free and is well worth the price – did I mention it is free?

Click here to go to Marketplace

Shuffle Party brings you both bowling and shuffleboard as well as challenge games which allow you to earn Gamer Points on Xbox.  Having been playing it off-and-on most of this weekend I have to say I’m very impressed.  The touch action to slide the puck on the screen is super smooth and responsive.  On my LG Quantum I’ve seen no lag at all so I suspect other devices will have similar performance.

Shuffle Party Screenshot

You can play in multiple different modes:  Bowling where you use the puck to knock down pins, Challenge mode where you slide the puck through various mazes to collect coins and points, traditional shuffle board and Pass Play shuffle board where you pass your Windows Phone between two players.  As you play these different modes you collect cash which can in turn be used to buy new pucks, pins and shuffle board tables in the game.

Give it a try and see what you think.  At the low, low price of FREE it is a tough deal to beat for some fun on your phone.

Click here to go to Marketplace


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