WFAA Updates Windows Phone App for Dallas-Fort Worth Locals

I fully realize that for probably 99% of you this is no big deal given that you do not live in the Dallas area.  However, it does speak to a larger challenge with Windows Phone.  The Dallas-Fort Worth local ABC affiliate WFAA has released an update to their Windows Phone app.  The update has been needed for a long, long, looooong time (until last week it STILL had the Super Bowl tab from last year in it).  Finally it has happened and that along with a slew of other stability updates has made this a nice little app.

Get the WFAA app in the Marketplace

The tidbit for all of you not in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is that this app update speaks to a larger problem.  If you look in the Android Marketplace or the iTunes App Store you will see dozens of local news and information apps for virtually any major metro area.  Windows Phone?  Not so much.  In fact for Dallas, there is only one local news station app (WFAA).  In searching other metro areas, the story is similar.  These are the types of apps that need to be developed for Windows Phone to gain success.

What can you do?  Follow your local news station on Twitter (almost all of them have them) and ask them to develop a Windows Phone app.  If enough people ask, they will do it.

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