Mobile Devices Infographic – Size Matters

When it comes to mobile devices, size very much matters.  It matters for what type of user you are, what you need from that device and what content you are going to consume on that device.  Nubo Software has put together a great mobile device infographic that covers everything from Smart Watches to family sized televisions – so you could argue that it isn’t necessarly all about mobile devices.  But the infographic is good as is the full story behind it that explains the logic behind it is quite good and well worth spending the time to read.

If there is one disappointment in the article it is that Windows Phone is not mentioned once.  That’s a shame given that Windows

Mobile Devices Infographic

Mobile Devices Infographic

Phone offers a wide range of mobile devices and tables that fit many of the categories in this infographic.  But when it comes to mobile computing like Ultrabooks and Laptops, Windows-based devices are mentioned which is a bit of a win I suppose.

there are a few of the ideal users that I don’t necessarily agree with in the infographic, particularly around tablet.  What are your thoughts?  Do you agree with this infographic?

Leave your comments and thoughts below and tell me what you think.

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