Review of Noreve Traditional Case for Lumia 1320

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing several cases from Noreve over the course of the last couple of years and I’ve yet to be disappointed.  The Saint-Tropez company has advertised themselves as a true couture designer of cases for all types of devices and one touch of their cases and you will know that there is a large dose of truth in their statement.  Noreve cases are not on the low end of the scale in quality or in price.  However I would challenge you to find a higher quality constructed case out there that looks as good as their cases do on your devices.

I’ve had a good relationship with Noreve over the years at AlliOSNews and since coming back into the Windows Phone ranks, I’ve been looking for a quality case for my Lumia 1320.  The folks at Noreve have been kind enough to send me a case for review and having had it now for three weeks, it has yet to come off my phone.  It is stylish and functional, protecting your phone on all sides as you go throughout your day.

The case they sent was for the Traditional case for Lumia 1320, a front-flip down style case.  Noreve offers multiple different

Noreve Traditional Case for Lumia 1320 with Dust Bag

Noreve Traditional Case for Lumia 1320 with Dust Bag

finishes to their high quality leather cases and this one is in the Perpetuelle finish in beige.  It is soft and supple to hold and fits snuggly around my phone.  Part of the experience though of a Noreve case is the box and dust cover that the case comes in when it is shipped to you.  The heavy weight construction of the box and soft, red dust cover oozes luxury and that’s even before you touch the case itself.

The case for the Lumia 1320 is constructed to fit perfectly around the device.  Noreve has painstakingly gone to great measure to make sure that every case fits every device.  You will find very few “generic” cases on their site because they desire for you to have a custom case for your specific device.  The back of the case is a hard plastic shell that has been wrapped in soft leather with precision cut holes for the camera and flash on the Lumia 1320 as well as a steel mesh hold for the speaker at the back of the phone.   Inside the back you

Precision cut hole for the camera and flash in my Noreve Traditional case

Precision cut hole for the camera and flash in my Noreve Traditional case

will find smooth leather with the Noreve logo stamped into it, giving the inside depth and texture.  Along the sides of the case you will see precise cutouts for buttons and switches.  In my case for the Lumia 1320, the right side of the case has two notches to access the Power, Volume and Camera buttons while the top is notched for me to have access to the headset jack.  While I’m obviously showing you the case for my 1320, you can expect this same attention to detail and precise construction for the Noreve case for your device.

The front flap of the Traditional case is joined to the back with a thick piece of leather that is precisely stitched to join both sides.  This strap also has a hole cut into the center to allow you to charge your Lumia 1320 while the front cover is closed.  It is however flexible enough to allow you to open the front flap without having to disconnect it from power.  Likewise, you can bend the front flap of the case back behind it when you are talking or texting on your device.

The front flap is identical to the back in that it has smooth, Noreve logo embossed leather

Interior embossing in the Noreve Traditional Case

Interior embossing in the Noreve Traditional Case

on the inside while the outside is a soft, padded leather.  There is a leather covered clasp at the top of the flap to keep it securely closed around your Lumia 1320.

Inserting my Lumia 1320 in to the case was a simple process.  I put the right edge of the device (the edge with the buttons) into the case then snapped down the left side passed the leather covered and slightly protruding edge of the case’s base.  Once inside, my phone did not slip around in the case at all, again testifying to the quality of construction and attention to detail that Noreve has put into the case.

As I said in my opening paragraphs, I’ve been using this case for about three weeks and it is has held up well to multiple days at a trade show and travel across continental Europe, stuffed into my suit jacket or my briefcase.  The quality of the construction of the case has left it with virtually no blemishes after daily use.

The Noreve Tradition case for Lumia 1320 starts at $52 and goes as high as $109 depending on the leathers that you chose for your case.  Each case is hand made and depending on your choices could take several days to be built.  The wait is worth it however and you will not be disappointed.

You can check out the wide range of cases Noreve makes for Windows Phone including the Lumia 1320 on their website.

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