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It has been just over two months since I reopened the site and I can’t thank all of you enough for your visiting and welcoming back this defector back into the community.  It has been great catching up with many of you who have left comments or dropped emails to me as well as many, many old friends in the Windows Phone community.  Thank you many, many times over.  It is appreciated and humbling.

I am realistic though.  As much as I would love for the world to come to my little blog and read about the Little OS That Could, I

Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia Lumia 1320

appreciate that you may have another way in which you’d prefer to get your Windows Phone news.  That’s why I’ve created multiple different channels in which you can get updates from the site the moment they happen or in a daily digest on a wide range of channel options to meet your needs.  The content, no matter your channel of choice, is the same.  So use the one that is best suited for you.

The two most common outside of visiting the site is Facebook and Twitter.  I have a dedicated Facebook Page which you can like and get site updates in your Facebook Timeline.  Likewise, you can follow me on Twitter which will give you every update to the site as it happens, along with random commentary and musings from me.  Yes I like Formula One and yes I tweet about it.

For those of you who like RSS, I’ve setup a dedicated RSS feed for you to subscribe to.  It gives you a quick summary of each post but is aimed to give you the highlights so you can click through if there is a story you want to read.  Finally is the email subscription option.  This is found at the bottom and right side bar of every page on the site.  Simply put in your email address, get the confirmation back and confirm and you will get an email update either in a per-post way (more emails) or a daily digest (less emails).

Regardless of how you read the site, a million thank you’s!

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