HTC One M8 Windows Phone Comes to T-Mobile US

The HTC One M8 Windows Phone is now available from T-Mobile in the United States for $0 if you sign up for a 2 year contract.  It is the second carrier in as many weeks to pick up the latest Windows Phone offering from HTC after the M8 was exclusive to Verizon over the summer.  Last Friday the phone made its debute on AT&T.

There are two options that T-Mobile is offering on the HTC One M8 Windows Phone to customers.  First is a $0 down, 2 year

HTC One M8

HTC One M8

contract with data packages ranging from $50-80 per month.  There is also a $10 SIM Kit charge (basically you are paying for the SIM for your new phone) so really, it is a $10 down payment.

The other options is to pay for the phone unlocked without a contract for $585.95.  That sounds expensive but the same phone from AT&T is $669.95 without a contract.

The T-Mobile site has been updated and you can now place your order online for the M8.  Shipping times appears to be just a matter of days.

With the M8 now on three carriers in the United States it seems that HTC is making a push with the device and likewise it seems that carriers are willing to carry Windows Phones in their portfolio.  With the market share of Windows Phone continuing to creep upward, this may be the right place and the right time for the carriers to drive those numbers up a bit further.

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