Mail, Calendar and People App for Windows Updated

Microsoft has released a sizable update to the Mail, Calendar and People app for Windows, bringing a whole host of improvements and update to each of the apps.  The update is available now in the Window Store now on your Windows 8.1 PC.  Mail by far received the biggest update, bringing such features as a Sweep feature to clean up your inbox and the ability to drag-and-drop messages into folders.

Here is a complete rundown of all of the improvements in each of the apps:

Mail for Windows 8.1

Mail for Windows 8.1

• See all messages from your favorite people in one place.
• See a more organized inbox with social updates and newsletters filed away automatically.
• Use Sweep to clean up your inbox.
• Delete, flag, and mark messages from the message list.
• Drag and drop messages into folders.
• Select multiple messages at once with checkboxes.
• Write new messages without leaving your inbox.
• Open a message, draft, or attachment in a separate window.
• Search across all mail in all folders.
• Create automatic replies for when you’re away.
• Choose the default font and color for new messages.
• Get info about any sender by tapping on their name.

• Check your agenda, and personalize the What’s Next view with your own background picture.
• Add events quickly by typing directly into Week view.
• Jump to a different date with the new date picker.
• Edit your responses to invitations before sending them.

• Search and browse for contacts more quickly.
• View, edit, and link contacts more easily.
• Add a custom picture for a contact.

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