Microsoft To Release Revolve for Windows Phone

Several sources today are citing that a new calendar and contact mashup app is soon to be released by Microsoft.  Revolve for Windows Phone will bring the you information about people you are going to be soon meeting from multiple sources.

Revolve, an upcoming app for Windows phones which melds aspects of a calendar and contact manager, and presents you with information about people you’re going to meet with that it’s collected from multiple sources.

This concept certainly isn’t new but it would bring a new level of information and interaction for the Windows Phone platform.  LinkedIn and Evernote both offer similar solutions for iOS while Google has recently announced its new calendar app for Android that does a similar function.

The idea behind it is that when you are going to meet someone – be it one of your contacts or someone new – that you are presented some information about that person so you can be prepared for the meeting both professionally and socially.  For example, if you are meeting someone new and they have posted an article on LinkedIn, it gives you an opportunity to read that post prior to your meeting and potentially discuss it as an ice breaker.  Likewise if you are meeting a known contact, you could get their latest Facebook update about their recent trip.

What sources the new Revolve for Windows Phone app will use is unknown but I think it is safe to assume the big players will be there (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and likely some lesser known sources.  Likewise, there are no known screenshots of the app so it is a mystery as to what it will look like as a finished product.

What are your thoughts?  Have you tried similar apps on other platforms and want this for Windows Phone?

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