Vivino for Windows Phone Updated with Personal Taste Profile

The popular Vivino app for Windows phone has been updated this week with several new personalizing features including a new Personal Taste Profile.  I reviewed Vivino Wine Scanner a few months back and it remains one of my favorite apps for rating wines I try and getting ratings for a bottle before I buy it.  It is a gem of an app.

Vivino Wine Scanner for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

The updated version of Vivino includes three new features.  First is the Personal Taste Profile.  This is a breakdown of the wines you have tried and added to the app that allows you to see the regional styles you like such as Chilean Merlot as an example.  Vivino for Windows Phone also gives you recommendations based on your taste profile so you can try and compare wines from different

Vivino WIne Scanner User Reviews & Ratings

Vivino Wine Scanner User Reviews & Ratings


Related to this is a new in-depth description of over 250 regions in Vivino for Windows Phone.  This is aimed to help you learn about your favorite wines and to get more confidence as you make your wine selections.

Finally there is a new badges ranking system that allows you to become an expert in a particular type of wine based on your experiences with those wines.  It adds a social element to the app.

Whether you are a wine exper or just looking for that great bottle of wine to accompany your dinner tonight, Vivino for Windows phone is a great way to check out new wines and give them your own personal ranking.  The app is free and the Pro version is $4.99.  If you have your own cellar then the Pro version is the one you need as you can track your cellar with it.

Vivino Wine Scanner for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now


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