Review of Microsoft Bingo – A Fun Twist On An Old Classic

My Review of Microsoft Bingo
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Microsoft Bingo has a lot going for it and is great fun no matter which Windows device you play it on. Powered by Xbox and free to play, the game brings hours of fun for the serious Bingo player as well as someone looking for a “time killer” game.

There are some classic games out there that many of us grew up playing at one time or another.  Bingo is likely one of those games, be it at home with family or in a bingo parlor.  While often associated with seniors, Bingo is a fun game and can be quite competitive.  Microsoft has captured that well in their Microsoft Bingo app.  This universal app for all Windows platforms gives you both that competitive nature of the game along with giving you awards thanks to Xbox Live integration and frankly it has proven to be hours of fun as I’ve prepared this review.  Whether you like the game or not, here is my review of Microsoft Bingo, a fun classic for your Windows devices that even casual players can enjoy for free.

Microsoft Bingo for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

Microsoft Bingo for Windows PC & Tablets – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

The rules of Bingo are simple.  There are 75 balls with letters and numbers:

  • B=1-15
  • I=16-30
  • N=31-45
  • G=46-60
  • O=61-75

In the N column there is a free space which you will get when you start the game.  As in real life, Microsoft Bingo calls out a number-letter

Microsoft Bingo in Paris
Microsoft Bingo in Paris

combination and you look on your 5×5 card or cards to see if you have that number.  If you do, you click on it to daub it (mark it).  When you have five daubs in a row – horizontal, vertical or diagonal – you have a Bingo.  Generally in real life this is called out with great vigor and passion but in Microsoft Bingo you press the Bingo button on your card and the game exclaims your Bingo for you.

The game play in Microsoft Bingo is excellent.  You have multiple different locations to play the game, with bigger gold prizes the further you go into the game.  You will start in Paris and you will need tickets to purchase bingo cards to play.  Like in real life, Microsoft Bingo allows you to play multiple cards at once, increasing your chances of scoring a Bingo.  You will have to increase your levels however to gain access to more cards at once and of course will need tickets to purchase that number of cards for that game.

Buying Bingo Cards with Tickets
Buying Bingo Cards with Tickets

As you play a round, you will see the called balls board on the left and the current ball in play is shown between it and your cards.  When a number is called, search your cards and daub it when you have it.  The game moves at a pretty quick pace so you will need to learn to scan your cards quickly.  There is no pause button so once you start a round you need to pay attention.  On the top of the ball board is a Bingo counter.  This is the number of potential Bingos you have left based on the balls to be called and what is on your card.  This trickles down or sometimes jumps until you reach zero which is the end of the game.

At the end of each game you are award gold and level up points based on how many bingos you scored and how many daubs you had on your cards.  The more you have the more you score and you are awarded luggage cases which contain prizes such as tickets, extra gold and power ups.  To

Microsoft Bingo Game Play
Microsoft Bingo Game Play

open these luggage cases you will need keys which can also be in these cases.

To add to the fun, between each match in each location you can play Power Bingo.  Here you bet on if a particular ball is going to be called in your next game.  If it is then it is indicated on your Power Bingo card.  Get a bingo on this card and you get extra gold and rewards.  The Power Bingo card is community driven as well as more players play in a location, you all contribute to the goal which is gaining a large set of keys to unlock luggage.

Graphically Microsoft Bingo is excellent.  The colors are rich and layout of the bingo cards is easy to navigate no matter your device.  If you have more cards than can be displayed, simply swipe up and down on your device to show the other cards.  Personally I’ve found playing more than 6 cards at a time really difficult on my Windows Phone or tablet because I am having to swipe up and down so much.  On my Windows PC, because it

Opening Luggage Rewards
Opening Luggage Rewards

can display up to 8 of them, it isn’t as difficult but it still a bit frantic as you are trying to find O-67 on 8 cards!

Microsoft Bingo is free and it is a universal app for all of your Windows devices.  It is ad supported and you can eliminate those ads by purchasing a gold package of $9.99 or higher.  Frankly I’ve not done this as I don’t mind the 30 second ads once or twice a day but you certainly can eliminate them if you chose to do so.   The game is also Xbox Live enabled so you can unlock achievements and see how you are doing against your friends on the service who also have the game.  It also allows you to switch between devices and keep your level across all of them.

Whether you love bingo or are simply looking for a fun, casual game, Microsoft Bingo is one to check out.  It can be quite addicting fun and challenging, especially when you are playing multiple cards at once.  It is also one of those games that you don’t necessarily have to spend money on if you don’t want to do so and can still get very far into the game levels.

Microsoft Bingo for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

Microsoft Bingo for Windows PC & Tablets – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

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