Windows Phone Activations Strong for Christmas Holiday

Windows Phone activations for the week of Christmas this year were a strong 5.8% of the total activations for the market according to Yahoo’s Flurry service.  This generally represents 2% over the general market share of Windows Phone globally and certainly is something that should please the folks in Redmond.  Still, when compared to the mammoth 51.3% that Apple iOS devices collected in this research, it is clear that Windows Phone, the Little OS That Could, still has a long way to go.

Flurry is an analytics service from Yahoo and they measured the week of Christmas this year, December 19-25, and collected their data from the over 600,000 apps they track.  They then use this information to extrapolate the number of devices that were activated over the week based on these apps.  It’s not entirely scientific but it is certainly a good indicator of what devices people received as gifts or bought and started using last week.

Taking the top honors was Apple with an impressive 51.3% of all activations while Samsung came in second at 17.7%.  Lumia came in 3rd at 5.8% and was well ahead of 4th place finisher Sony at 1.6%.  While Apple was head-and-shoulders above everyone, Microsoft should take some pleasure in being a dozen percentage points behind Samsung.

Not a victory but certainly a good trend.

The report on Flurry also goes into a fair amount of detail on the phablet devices taking a larger percentage of the market, mostly focused on the iPhone 6 Plus.  In fact the report is pretty Apple biased but you can read between the lines and get some good information in it regardless.  Personally I’m a huge fan of the phablet devices with my daily driver remaining to be my Lumia 1320.

You can read the full report over at Flurry and draw your own conclusions but this certainly is something that us Windows Phone fan can crack a smile over.

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