Joe Belfiore Acknowledges Windows Phone Users Office Frustrations

While it may not be the soothing balm of a new release of Office, Windows Phone users should take some comfort in that Microsoft is listening. Well, at least Joe Belfiore is on the subject and if you are going to have one person listening, he’s the one.  Microsoft’s Vice President of Windows has posted on the Chinese blog site Weibo that an update for Office for Windows Phone is coming and news about it and the next version of Windows Phone will be announced before the Chinese New Year.  For those who want to keep score, that’s 48 days from today: February 19, 2015.

In the post, Belfiore acknowledges Windows Phone user frustration over the fact that Office apps for iOS and Android have been updated significantly while there have been zero updates for Office on Windows Phone.

First, as we end our 2014, I want to acknowledge the comments and letters you all have sent, nothing that you’ve been frustrated seeing Microsoft launch new applications like Office on iOS and Android, without accompanying news around what will happen on Windows Phone.”

“I want you assure you that our Office team have nor forgotten Windows Phone- We’ve just aligned all of our news and announcements to a single event.  You’ll hear much more about what we have planned before Chinese New Year.

This is certainly encouraging and something that I have wanted to hear for some time.  I expressed my frustration with Office on Windows Phone back in November so any improvement will be appreciated.

For now, everyone mark February 19, 2015 on your calendar.  That’s the day, at the latest, we will know the plans for Windows Phone & Office for the platform.



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