Seriously People, Think Before You Post Negative Reviews

As one who writes I have no problem getting negative comments on a post, article or review.  You, like me, are free to express your opinion and there are a lot of people in the world.  I can’t please everyone nor am I even going to try.  I appreciate everyone who visits and those who leave comments I am happy that you do so.

My problem comes when comments are posted on apps in the Windows or Windows Phone store that are completely uncalled for, uneducated and frankly make you look like an ass.  My current favorite example is the last two reviews on the fantastic 6sec app.  This Vine app has had over 9,000 reviews in the Windows Phone store and is one I’m currently prepping a full fledged review of here on the site.  Those 9,000+ reviews have generated a 4.5 star rating which the app fully deserves in my opinion.  But then you have two philosophers (I can make such sarcastic comparisons to philosophers as it was my major) who post one star reviews with accompanying comments that frankly show their lack of paying attention to the world around them.  To make it even better, the comments refer to another app, not even 6sec.  Why do I have a problem with this?  Because it is these types of reviews that drag an apps ratings down and impacts the income of the developer. That, in the end, hurts all of us.Here are the pearls of wisdom that I’m referring to on 6sec app in the Windows Phone Store (see the screenshot). In both cases the comments

6sec App Negative Reviews

6sec App Negative Reviews

are referring to 6snap, the Snapchat app that, like all the other Snapchat apps, was pulled from the Windows Phone Store.  First, the comments are on an app not related to the app in which the comments are posted on.  They have absolutely nothing to do with 6sec other than having a common developer. Second, the comments are completely unconstructive and unhelpful.  Telling the developer to suck your male member really isn’t adding any value to the conversation and it certainly isn’t giving the developer feedback he or she needs in order to improve their app.

If that wasn’t enough, the two people making these comments made them 7 and 8 days after the Snapchat apps for Windows Phone were removed from the Windows Phone Store.  Seriously? Have you not been paying attention at all negative comment posters? I mean, this wasn’t a well kept secret that these apps had been removed by Microsoft, not by any of the developers.

Peeps, if you have negative comments about an app, post them.  Developers actually DO want to hear this as it genuinely helps them sort out their app, make it more stable or better and it gives them feedback on what features YOU want to see in their app.  But for the love of all things good be constructive in your comments and your 1 or 2 star ratings. Give actual feedback and help the developer and your fellow Windows Phone user.  Flaming is so not the way to get any thing done.  Second, post your negative comments about the app in question, not another one.  If you have negative comments for that other app then post them on that app.

I now yield the floor.

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