Cortana Continues To Evolve With New Movies and Concert Interests

The evolution of Cortana continues at a rapid pace with the Personal Assistant continuing to get more information of interest to you and bringing it to the fore.  If fact the biggest problem with the updates to Cortana is they happening so fast that they often get missed until you discover them by accident.  That may be the case with the new edition of Showtimes + Trailers and Concert Watch which now appear in the Interests settings of Cortana.  As the names suggest, you can now get movie show times and trailers for new movies in your area while the Concert Watch allows you to get concert information on your favorite bands when they are going to be in your area.

How Cortana is arriving at these suggestions is a bit of a mystery but my guess is that Microsoft is leveraging search information from Bing for both and potentially looking into your Xbox Music to

New Showtimes+Trailers and Concert Watch in Cortana

New Showtimes+Trailers and Concert Watch in Cortana

see what your music interests.  This is speculation on my part but it wouldn’t surprised me given how intertwined all of the Microsoft services are these days.  Regardless, Cortana has grown exceptionally since it was released as part of the Lumia Cyan update and that growth is likely to continue given the heavy integration of Cortana in Windows 10 on all devices.

Finally, what is unclear about this update and some of the ones we have seen over the past few weeks is if they are global.  For example, on my Lumia 635 which is a US based phone on AT&T, I have these new features along with the new Lifestyle features that came out a few weeks ago.  These new features allow you to track your fitness, get gym notifications and the like.  However, on my Lumia 1320 which is an International version I picked up while I lived in the UK, I do not have the Lifestyle features.  If you live outside the US then it certainly worth a look as what is available in Cortana for you may vary.

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