Cortana Now Able To Track Workouts and Concerts – For Some

The Personal Assistant Cortana that is built into Windows 10 and Windows Phone has a new Interests category that will allow you to track everything from workouts to concerts.  But this new feature isn’t available to everyone and there is no indication on when everyone will see it.  It’s another way that Microsoft continues to make the service more personalized for every individual user.

The new Fitness Tracker can be found in Interests>Choose a Category.  If you then go and add your Gym to your favorite places it will start getting reminders and recommendations about your workouts.  The feature clearly is still

Fitness Tracker Now in Cortana

Fitness Tracker Now in Cortana

in its early phases and it is unclear how exactly this will help you with recommendations.  For example, how will Cortana know today is “leg day” while another day is “Cardio day”?  There does not appear to be any integration with fitness trackers or apps such as Fitbit or MyFitnessPal but these could well be coming in a later update.  I do not know if there is Microsoft Band integration as I don’t have one of those just yet.

What I do know is that not everyone is seeing this update to Cortana yet.

The screenshot you see to the right is from my Lumia 635.  It had the update as soon as I tapped on Cortana and I was able to configure it.  My Lumia 1320 however does not have it yet.  That device is an International Unlocked version.

So are you seeing it yet?  If so, tweet me up and tell me what device and carrier you are using.

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