Extras+Info for Lumia Phones Updated – With What I Have No Clue

Before I started writing this post I seriously debated whether to bother with it. But I like to think that I keep everyone reasonably up-to-date with app changes – especially those involving settings on Windows Phones – so thus you have a post.  Microsoft today update the Extras+Info app in Settings for Lumia devices.  The new build, version for those keeping score at home, is available now in the Windows Phone Store.

I have absolutely no idea what changed.

Extras+Info for Lumia Devices – Free – Download Now

It is safe to assume that this is a general performance and fix release but Microsoft as has been the case almost always with their apps, provides very little if anything on what changed unless it is a major change.  So it is safe to assume this one is minor.

The team over at Windows Central did find one thing that changes visibly in the app which is the Firmware Update Notifier was incremented up to, up from but again, what change here, I have no idea.  Neither does the team over at Windows Central (kudos though for them noticing this change – I missed it probably as I was in a long sigh for there being no release notes).

So, Lumia owners, go get the update.  Its free and you can be the cool kid with a new Firmware Update Notifier on your phone.

Extras+Info for Lumia Devices – Free – Download Now

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