Have A Question? Head To The Microsoft Community Pages

There are a lot of places that Windows Phone and Windows users can get help but one of the best is the free Microsoft Community site.  If you haven’t visited them before or forgot about them, now is a good time to go and check them out.  You will find everything from problem solving tips to information and insights on how to do something better in the Windows world.  Once more, there are a huge number of experts that are in the Microsoft Community sites.  Those experts can be MVPs nominated by the community and Microsoft, and fellow users.

For my part, you will usually find me in the Windows Phone section of the site but I also drop into the Windows 8.1 section from time-to-time.

As with any self-help or user-centric help site, not every question will be answered and it may take time to get your answers.  Be patient.  Remember that everyone in the Microsoft Community pages are doing it on their own time so it may be a few days to get an answer to you.  If your matter is urgent then contact Microsoft support or visit your local Microsoft Store.

You can find the Microsoft Community at http://answers.microsoft.com.  From there you can search for any Microsoft product to get the extra help you need.

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