Microsoft Hints that Windows 10 for Phone Could Come This Week

Another day, another set of intriguing Tweets to whet our appetites for Windows 10 for Phone.

Microsoft Gabriel Aul has once again teased more about the upcoming release, suggesting that the release of the preview for Windows 10 for Phone could come as early as this week along with a new video highlighting the release.  The Tweets came this morning in response to another users question regarding the release and the current Windows 10 for Phone video featuring Joe Belfiore

Now read this with the context of the Tweet just prior to this response

@Wenth @joebelfiore There is this video currently, new video will be available this week.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) February 9, 2015

If this is accurate than we could well see Windows 10 for Phone this week.

The time certainly could be good.  Tomorrow is Patch Tuesday.  It would be a perfect day for everyone who is running Windows 8.1 to get their normal updates but for Windows Insiders to get Windows 10 updates for the desktop and tablet in addition to Windows 10 for Phone.  It gives Microsoft the lion share of news tomorrow by doing this and it is well within the February timeframe that we were given in January at the Windows 10 event.

Will it happen?  No sure but you can be that I’ll be checking for updates tomorrow.

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