Podcast+ Pro for Windows Phone Sees A Major Update

One of the best podcast apps available for Windows Phone, Podcast+ Pro, has received a significant update overnight bringing several new features and a wide range of fixes & improvements along the way.  Podcast+ Pro is my favorite podcast app available for the platform and if you are one who listens to a lot of podcasts it should be on your short list to consider.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, adds a handful of new features including the ability to automatically mark your podcasts as played but also adds a lot of fixes and improvements to enhance the overall user experience with the app.

Podcast+ Pro for Windows Phone – $2.99 – Download Now

The update adds five new features all of which are aimed at making it more intuitive and user friendly.  These include being able to sort your podcasts automatically and mark played episodes automatically.  The app now also has one tap to auto-play a playlist that you have created and to mark all of your podcast episodes as played in one tap.  You can now also share your podcast

Podcast+ Pro for Windows Phone
Podcast+ Pro for Windows Phone

finds via email and text.

In addition to these new features, there is a long list of improvements and fixes that the app brings to make the performance and usability better.

– improved: display the new number, instead of total number
– improved: support to auto-play next for videos
– improved: calculate and clean the storage usage more accurate
– improved: auto-remove the canceled item from downloading queue
– improved: update playing state when the app is activated
– improved: mark as new when the episode download starts
– improved: support download image only on the WiFi to use less data
– fixed: more fault tolerance for the episode date
– fixed: the option ‘hide played episodes’ can’t be saved
– fixed: resume playback doesn’t work for the downloaded video
– fixed: some other known bugs

The catalog in the app is extensive and you will find a wide range of podcasts covering everything from news to technology.  I’ve been using the app since my return to Windows Phone last year and while certainly one of the more “expensive” apps in the Windows Phone Store, well worth the price of admission.

Podcast+ Pro for Windows Phone – $2.99 – Download Now