Power Down Reminder in Windows 10 for Phone

There are a lot of new features in Windows 10, many of which we saw during the Windows 10 event last month.  However there is one new feature that wasn’t mentioned and that is the power down Reminder feature.  Today under Windows Phone 8.1, when you power off your device (press and hold the power button then swipe down on your screen), you are given a “goodbye” message.  Under Windows 10 for Phone however this changes to provide you a bit more information.

In Windows 10 for Phone when you power down your Windows Phone you will see the familiar goodbye message – although it is to the left and not centered now – along with a reminder of your next

Windows 10 for Phone Power Down Reminder

Windows 10 for Phone Power Down Reminder

appointment in your calendar.  It is a nice touch and one that could come in handy for many.  For example, if you are boarding a flight and decide to power down for that long flight, you will see a reminder of the appointment you have when you land or the details of your car rental that you synced from TripIt.

This new power down Reminder is a part of Windows 10 for Phone so there is nothing to enable or configure on your device to see it.

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