Review of Diorama App for Windows Phone – Tilt Shift Photos Made Easy

Review of Diorama for Windows Phone
  • User Interface
  • Easy of Use
  • Photo Effect
  • Price ($1.29 if you want to go ad-support free)


Diorama is a quick and easy to use tilt-shift app for Windows Phone. With its simple UI and controls, you can apply the miniaturization effect to any photo – or directly from a photo you take with your phone’s camera – in a matter of minutes. While the effect could be a little stronger, for a price of free ($1.29 if you want to go ad-support free) it’s worth a look and a try.

dTilt Shift photography is not something new to Windows Phone but many of the apps can be complicated to figure out, especially on photos you have already taken.  That is one of the reasons that the new Diorama app for Windows Phone is one try out.  The Diorama app allows you to take a photo with your camera or from your photo library and quickly apply a tilt shift effect to them.  With simple controls and a clean, simply UI, Diorama is a fast way to apply this fun photo filter to your pictures.

For those who are new to smartphone photography, tilt shifting is a photo effect where you make something look miniaturized, or as the case may be, like it is in a diorama.  It certainly isn’t new to digital or smartphone photography or photography in general for that matter.  Smartphones however have made the effect popular because apps like Diorama have made it easy.

Diorama for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now

The Diorama app can be installed in your Windows Phone main storage or on a SD card in your device and is a very small 3MB footprint.  Once you start the app you are presented with two options to start using the app.  You can either chose to take a photo from your photo library and apply the tilt shift effect to it or you can take a photo using your Windows Phone’s camera and then apply the effect to that photo.  Diorama can access photos that you have

Diorama for Windows Phone

Diorama for Windows Phone

in your Camera Roll or synced via your PC but can also pull down photos from Facebook and OneDrive.

Once you have selected a photo, Diorama makes applying the tilt effect easy.  In the app’s UI, you have just two buttons.  A gear-like button on the left is how you control the tilt-shift effect on your photo while on the right is the save button that you tap to save your enhanced photo.

Tapping the gear icon will bring up the two adjustments you can make to the tilt-shift effect on your photo in the Diorama app.  You have two sliders which will allow you to adjust the color intensity of the effect and the blur of the effect.  The stronger you make both of these the more of an effect you see.  Not every phone lends itself to the effect which is why having

Adusting the Tilt Shift Effect in Diorama

Adjusting the Tilt Shift Effect in Diorama

these two simply but powerful adjustments helps.

If there is one mark against the Diorama app it is that the tilt-shift effect appears to be a little weak at times.  This of course is very dependent on the photo that you are applying the effect to but having tried similar apps, it would be good to see this strengthened in a future release.

You will also see in my screen capture to the left that the app is ad supported.  If you want to remove the adverts you can do that through a $1.29 in-app purchase.  To do this tap the no-ads icon in the lower right corner

Diorama Results

Diorama Results

Original Photo before Diorama for Windows Phone

Original Photo before Diorama for Windows Phone

of the main screen of the app.

Finally, to the right you will see a before and after photo of the Lake District in England.  One is the original photo while the other is the tilt-shift effect applied using Diorama.  As you can see, it produces a great effect and all of this was done in less than 5 minutes on my Lumia 1320.

The Diorama app for Windows Phone is free and available now in the Windows Phone store.  It works on 512MB memory devices so really any Windows Phone should be able to run it without much of an issue.

Diorama for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchases) – Download Now


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