T-Mobile Will Not Roll Out Windows Phone 8.1 HTC 8X

If you have been waiting to get Windows Phone 8.1 on your HTC 8X as a T-Mobile customer, your wait is over.  According to a Tweet from the T-Mobile USA Twitter account, the company has no plans of releasing any future updates to this device.  It’s sad news but it shouldn’t come as a complete shock to many Windows Phone fans.  The 8x was released in November 2012 so at just over 2 years old and with HTC still not fully committed to Windows Phone, it is hardly a surprise

The Tweet that brought this to light was a response to a question regarding Windows Phone 8.1 for the HTC 8X and they made it pretty clear their plans:

Now trying to be the positive guy here… the good news is that the Lumia 521 and Lumia 925 will see the Windows Phone 8.1 update.  Unfortunately there isn’t a timeline mentioned so we don’t know when that will be exactly.

So for you HTC 8X users, time to have a re-think on which Windows Phone you want given that Windows 10 is just around the corner.

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