Windows 10 for Phone Preview Likely To Have A Rollback Option

We are expecting the Windows 10 for Phone preview any day now but more and more information is coming through leaks and comments from Microsoft employees on social networks.  Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul is one of them and he has been answering a lot of questions and making suggestions of what we can expect to see in the first preview of Windows 10 for Phone.  One of the key questions is being able to rollback to Windows Phone 8.1 should there be a meltdown on your Windows Phone.  The answer it seems would be yes.

Mr. Aul tweeted in response to a question regarding rollbacks yesterday on Twitter.

Clearly this isn’t 100% confirmation but it certainly is encouraging to hear that Microsoft is thinking about this challenge for their end users.  It would also set Microsoft apart from their competitors in that rolling back from preview versions of iOS or Android is difficult if not impossible once you upgrade your device.

We will know for sure if there is a rollback feature in the Preview for Windows 10 for Phone when it releases this month.  There is no defined date on when that will be but for many (Clinton raises his hand) it can’t come soon enough.

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