Cortana Now Showing Movie Times and Trailers

Last month I posted that a new Movies and Trailers section in Cortana had been become available here in the United States.  At the time it could be turned on but there was no content populated in that section of the Personal Assistant on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview.  That seems to have changed today on both platforms.

Now if you open up Cortana and have the Movies and Trailers section enabled under Interests you will see movies that Cortana thinks you might be interested in along with show times of theaters near you for that movie.

The change in content happens on the backend systems of Cortana so as long as you have the Movies and Trailers section enabled in your Interests you should start seeing this content. To enable in

Movie Times in Cortana on Windows Phone

Movie Times in Cortana on Windows Phone

Interests, while in Cortana go to the hamburger menu in the upper-right, navigate to interests then use the plus-sign icon at the bottom to add it.  Note however that this new feature is not available globally.  If you don’t find Movies and Trailers under Interests then it may not be available in your region yet.

Likewise, this change in Cortana is not just for Windows Phone but is also seen in the Windows 10 Technical Preview.  If you are running the preview on your PC or tablet, open up Cortana by clicking/tapping in the search field.  You should see this new Movie content there as well.

Are you seeing this new Cortana content on your Windows Phone or Windows 10 Technical Preview PC and live outside the US?  If so, leave a comment and let me know so everyone can track where it is available.

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