Microsoft Confirms More Phone Supported in Next Windows 10 for Phones Preview

One of the biggest challenges-meets-disappointments with the first release of the Windows 10 for Phone Preview was the limited number of devices which were supported.  Adding to that pain was the lack of high end devices being supported.  As I’ve posted in my Initial Thoughts on the release, be careful what you wish for as it was and still is pretty rough.   That said, it looks like hope is on the horizon.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul from the Windows Insider program has Tweeted this morning that the next release of the Windows 10 for Phone Preview will indeed support more devices.  In a reply to a question being asked on the subject, he replied with the following Tweet

@Medioholik @jainankit85 The next update will have support for more phones.

— Gabriel Aul (@GabeAul) March 5, 2015

While which devices will be included is not clear from the Tweet, it should be encouraging to Windows Phone fans that more support will be coming to more devices.

The news shouldn’t be too surprising.  In Tweet and posts around the first Windows 10 for Phones preview release, Gabe indicated that the problem was with the OS partition on many of the mid-range and flagship devices.  Microsoft is working on a partitioning tool for these devices and we can only assume (with caution) that the next Preview will include this tool to get it on other devices.

The only question now is when we will see that next Preview.  Mr. Aul did not indicate when that would happen but was clear in a separate Tweet that it would not be today.  Given that we are expecting a new build of Windows 10 Preview for PCs and Tablets any day now, I would expect it to be another week or two before we see the Phone build updated.

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