Next Windows 10 Preview Will Include Project Spartan Browser

This week or next it is expect that we will see the next Windows 10 Preview build for PCs and Tablets drop to Windows Insiders.  While the release date is not exactly known, there are indications of what can be expected in the build.  While no major changes are coming to the Preview, you can expect to see the new Project Spartan web browser experience come to it in this release.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Project Spartan is a new universal app browser that is coming to all platforms in Windows 10.  That new browser, which was demonstrated yesterday at MWC in Barcelona, is significantly faster than the current Internet Explorer and brings other improvements like Cortana integration.  Everything I’ve seen and from those on the inside at Microsoft are saying it is impressive.  Personally, I cannot wait to see it.

The even better thing about Project Spartan is that it is a true Universal App based on the methodology and framework Microsoft laid out yesterday.  That means that we will see this new browser experience not only on PCs and Tablets, we will see it on Windows 10 for Phones.  That will also be in the next Preview build for Phones but don’t expect the next build for phones next week.  All indications are we have a mid-to-late March to wait for that release.

Speaking of Windows 10 for Phones, there is also evidence to suggest that we will see an expanding of the number of devices that can run the preview this month.  As I reported when the first preview build dropped, Microsoft had to address an issue with partitioning on some devices so it would actually install the bits on those devices.  It seems that devices like the Lumia 1520, Lumia 930 and others have a very small OS partition on them.  Microsoft has said it is coming out with a Partitioning tool baked into the next preview which will solve that problem.

Keenly eyed peeps may have noticed yesterday that the demonstrations of Project Spartan where happening on a Lumia 930.  That’s a good sign but I also remind everyone that the original preview build was shown on a Lumia 1520, a device which cannot run the bits just yet.  I’ll also remind everyone that even this second preview is going to be beta and very rough so don’t sign up for the Windows Insider program and download the bits unless you are willing to put up with some bugs.

You can read my initial thoughts on the first Windows 10 for Phones here.

More info as I get it but looks like those in the Windows Insider program will have a busy – and fun! – March.

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