Sharit for Windows Phone Sees a Major Update

The popular multiple social networking sharing app Sharit has received a major update today, bringing with it a whole list of updates and changes to the popular app.  Sharit for Windows Phone is now updated to version 2.0 for those keeping score at home and if you are one who likes to update your Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linked and other social networks with one simple post, this is the app for you.  It has an outstanding user experience and makes posting immediately or scheduling posts later across all your social networks quick and easy.

Sharit for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

The update brings a long list of updates and improvements to the app along with a few new features.

Sharit for Windows Phone
Sharit for Windows Phone

– Add support for image sharing.
– Add support for Checkin.
– Add support for image upload.
– Add the ability to schedule updates to be published later.
– Add the “Sharit Notebook” functionality.
– Add support for multiple devices sync.
– Add link Shortening.
– Add sharing support for
– Facebook Groups.
– Facebook Pages.
– Foursquare.
– Linkedin Companies.
– Weibo.
– English only; all languages will return in a few days after review.

That last point is important for those who have been using Sharit for Windows Phone in other languages.  This update for now is only available in English so it may be a few days before you see it in other languages.

To use Sharit for Windows Phone you will need to have a free account on Sharit and then log in with your various social network credentials to sign in across them in one shot.  The purpose behind the account is so you can take advantage of the scheduling element of the app.

If you share posts and check-ins across multiple services, give Sharit for Windows Phone a look to simplify that process.

Sharit for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now