The Audible for Windows Phone Beta App Gets Another Update

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the new Audible for Windows Phone beta that is out and how even as a beta it is far superior to the current production app that is available.  Over the weekend the app received another update to address some issues but also to add a couple of options.  The updated, version for those keeping score at home, is available now and while I don’t normally suggest you try beta software unless you know what you are getting into, this one is worth the download if you are an Audible customer.

Audible for Windows Phone (BETA) – Free – Download Now

The update to the app has a few new features but as you would expect, is mostly focused on squishing bugs at this point.  First, there is now an option to disable the screen auto-lock while downloading audio titles which is one by default.  There is also an option to not start playback automatically when connecting to a headset or Bluetooth device.  This feature is off by default.  There is also fixes for the disabling the screen auto lock, Library grouping and the premature marking of titles as finished along with a handful of other bug fixes and improvements in performance.  Finally, the Wish list, Coming soon and Daily Deal bar commands are now in the home screen.  These will only appear for US and UK customers so if you don’t live in these two countries, you won’t see them.

The beta for the Audible for Windows Phone app is free and it is an open beta so anyone can download it.

Audible for Windows Phone (BETA) – Free – Download Now



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