Welcome Tricia Stream to ClintonFitch.com

I am very pleased to announce that Tricia Stream is joining me here at ClintonFitch.com.  For those who followed AlliOSNews before I ended my iOS wilderness wandering, you will know Tricia.  For those of you who don’t know her, let me give an little introduction.  Tricia’s comments below are in [Bold].

Tricia is an award winning blogger and author who is passionate about prematurity (she’s the mom of twin preemie boys – Search and Destroy) and has a flare for technology.  [Jazz hands.] Tricia has been honored numerous times for her work with Blogher but is also the author of an upcoming children’s book as well as being part of various other publications on prematurity and mental health.  She lives in the heart of Silicon Valley and often reminds me of how she is amazed at how poor a signal she gets there on her iPhone.  Yes, Tricia carries an iPhone.  In fact, Tricia is pretty much Apple through-and-through.  So why is she writing for a through-and-through Windows site?  Simple. Apps.

[Actually although my first household computer was an Apple IIgs, I was a Windows girl from the day I turned 13 until I joined the corporate world. My 13th birthday gift was a glorious 386 computer with accompanying 14.4 modem and wooden desk that lived in my room. It’s where I started earning my nerd stripes. (That may have been the last my parents saw of the teenage me.) It wasn’t until I started my career that I started using Apple again. I know. I did it backwards.]

Tricia’s approach to technology has always been from the mother/real user perspective.  In fact her posts here will be under the title of “TechMom Tuesday”, where she will post every few weeks on Microsoft related apps and services that she leverages in her day-to-day.  It will give a different perspective than my own as I always approach the apps and services from Microsoft from a Windows and Windows Phone perspective.  Tricia will approach it from an Apple perspective to let you know how those apps and services perform across the spectrum. [Full disclosure: It’s not solely from an Apple perspective so much as an, “I really need this to work because this is what’s happening in my life” perspective.” I use technology because I’m TechMom. I share it with you because I can’t keep my mouth shut.]

Please welcome Tricia to the site!  You can follow her on her blog Stream of the Conscious as well as on Twitter.

[Come back on Tuesday where I tell you all about getting locked out of my super high-tech car.]

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