Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO Now Available

As part of an update released yesterday for those on the Fast Ring, Microsoft has now released the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview on the Slow Ring as well as ISO images.  The ISO images are built on Build 10041 which the Fast Ring received last week.  Microsoft had said that it would be releasing the ISO images when they released the latest build to the Slow Ring.

Remember that in order to get the ISO images or the Windows 10 Technical Preview in general you must be a member of the Windows Insider program which is free to join.  As I have posted many times, the build is still very much in beta so unless you absolutely need to download it, wait until it is released to the public (for free) this summer.

The release of the ISO images for the latest build of Windows 10 is good news for those who want to install the preview from a clean install on a PC or those who are outside of the United States.  Build 10041 includes Cortana support in several countries abroad including China, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and Spain.  Last week when the update was posted to the Fast Ring I posted a summary of the changes in this build versus the original release back in January.  You can find that summary post right here.

You can download the new Windows 10 ISO images at this link where you will also find supported countries and languages and other general information.

Finally, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to download these ISO images, particularly if you are in the US.  Regardless of if you are on the Fast Ring or the Slow Ring when it comes to updates, all of the updates can be obtained OTA (Over-The-Air) through the Windows Update tool in the preview.  The only reason you would need to get these ISO images is if you want to do a clean install of the build, create a boot and/or recovery disk with it or if you live outside of the US and want to test Cortana.

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