Xim Photo Sharing App Updated for Windows Phone

The social photo sharing app Xim from Microsoft Research has been updated today with several new features for the Windows Phone app.  If you aren’t familiar with Xim, don’t worry, most aren’t.  It is a photo sharing app that allows you to share photos from a variety of locations – Camera Roll, OneDrive, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram – with others who are on the Xim app.  Think Snapchat in a way.  The good news is the Xim app is available not only for Windows Phone but also for iOS and Android and you can even share photos with Amazon Fire TV sets.  It’s a pretty cool service and like Snapchat, Xim’s die after a certain amount of time.

The update released today, version for those keeping score at home, brings several key updates to the app as well as a host of bug fixes.

Xim for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

In the update, you can now add a caption to the photos you are sharing on Xim and you can also save photos by long tapping the photo that is being shared and save it to your Saved Photos.  This you will note is slightly different than Snapchat where you can screenshot a photo but not actually save it.

In addition to the new caption and photo saving feature, there are some performance improvements as well as bug fixes within this update that should benefit everyone who uses the app.

Xim is a free app but you will need to register your mobile to use it.  Also keep in mind that the update today is for the Windows Phone version of Xim only.  iOS and Android apps haven’t been updated.

Xim for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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