Amazon for Windows Phone Updated With Bug Fixes

The official Amazon for Windows Phone app has received a small but important update today, addressing some bugs within the app and making some performance improvements.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, doesn’t bring any new features but in my testing this morning does have a significant performance boost over the previous build.  If you use the Amazon app on your Windows Phone this update is certainly one to get.

Amazon for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

As to what exactly Amazon addressed in the app for Windows Phone is not 100% clear based on the release notes.  They have the vague and somewhat standard “Bug fixes and performance improvements”.  In my testing this morning, browsing and searching within the app seemed markedly improved and overall performance seems a bit more zippy.  I appreciate this isn’t a scientific measurement but there is something to be said for “it feels faster”.

Don’t look for any new features or other enhancements in this update.  They aren’t there – or at least I haven’t found any so far.  If you do let me know and I’ll update this post.

Amazon for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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