Dropbox for Android Updated With Excel Preview

The Dropbox for Android app has been updated with a new feature that allows users to preview an Excel file prior to actually opening it with the Excel app.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, is available now and it is designed for both Android phones and tablets.

Dropbox for Android – Free – Download Now 

With this update you can now click on an Excel file in the Dropbox app and review it prior to opening it in Excel to edit it.  It is a great way to make sure you are opening up the correct file without having to open and close them with Excel (in other words, moving between the Dropbox and Excel apps).  There are so obvious limitations to this preview.  If you are trying to preview a password protected file, it will not work which makes sense.  Otherwise you should have no problem using this new preview.

As of right now the preview in the Dropbox for Android app is only for Excel. The app is free but does require a free Dropbox account. With a free account you get 2GB of cloud storage but can easily get that up to around 15GB through various add-on’s like camera upload.  Value wise OneDrive is still a better deal but you may have to use Dropbox for business needs.

Dropbox for Android – Free – Download Now 


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