Google Maps Update Adds Reservation Support for Gmail

Google has released an update to Google Maps that will be a welcome update for those who use Gmail.  The update will have a varying version number based on your device but on my BLU VIVO IV phone running KitKat 4.4, I’m on version 9.8.1 for those keeping score at home.  The biggest update is much improved Gmail integration where you can easily find your next reservation.

Google Maps for Android – Free – Download Now

For those of you who use Gmail and have your restaurant reservations (say from OpenTable) or your flight reservations come into Gmail, that information is now shared with Google Maps.  Now when you are in Google Maps you can search for “my events” and it will pull up the locations of your next few events.  Then you can simply tap that event and you’ll be guided to that place.  Pretty

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android

slick and based on some testing I’ve done, it works pretty nice.

Google Maps Shows Reservations On The Maps Too

If you have a reservation at a restaurant, when you open up Maps you will see that time next to the location of the reservation.  Essentially it prevents you from having to switch between apps to see where and where that dinner date is happening.  It is a simple thing but it is amazingly powerful.  The nice thing is, it integrates well with OpenTable so if you make a booking through that service, it will show up on the map as will those made through Yelp.

Aside from this Gmail integration with Google Maps, the update provides the standard bug fixes statement but there is no indication in the release notes as to what bugs were addressed.

The update is free and is about 18.8MB in size so you should be able to download this update via GSM or Wi-Fi depending on your configuration.

Google Maps for Android – Free – Download Now




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