Latest Instagram for Android Update Brings Three New Filters

The Instagram for Android app has been updated once again this morning, bringing with it three new filters for your photo sharing pleasure.  The new update, version 6.21.2 for those keeping score at home, brings the new Lark, Reyes and Juno filters to the app.  There is nothing you need to do as a user to get these new filters other than install this new update.

With this update the total number of filters in the app moves up to 22 so you have plenty of choices to add to your photos to convey your story better.

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Beyond these new filters, there are not other changes to the app nor any indication of any fixes or improvements.  That doesn’t necessarily mean there weren’t any – just so small they were not worth a mention in the Release Notes.

Instagram Rapidly Becoming The Image Social Site

Instagram has always positioned itself as the visual social site and with the continued additions of filters and full screen photos and videos, that work is continuing in earnest.  Many people who at one time would be on Facebook sharing this content are now moving here, especially amongst millennials.  For their part, update like this one have continued to push the app and service to great levels of functionality and personalization.  Time will tell if the can keep up the pace and continue to meet the needs and desires of users.  So far, so good.

New Filters in Instagram for Android

New Filters in Instagram for Android

The app is a free app and you will need an Instagram account to use the app.  Signup for that account is free and can be done within the app itself.  If you are on Instagram, you can find me at @ClintonFitchDotCom



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