Android System WebView Updated for Android Devices Running Lollipop

Google has released an updated version of the Android System WebView app that addresses several bugs around inline video playing and graphic driver bugs.  What is Android System WebView you ask?  It is actually installed on every Android device and it a Chrome powered application that allows Android apps to display web content.  It is an update that everyone should make sure they have installed on their devices, particularly if you have had some troublesome apps that won’t display web content or display it properly.  The new version is, wait for it… 43.0.2357.121.

Also note that this update is only for devices running Lollipop 5.0 or higher.  If you are on KitKat or older, you will not see this update.

The big fix in this update to Android System WebView is a fix for inline video play within apps.  Specifically, the fixes address some crashing issues which some users have experienced after upgrading to Lollipop.

Android System WebView

Android System WebView

Secondly, this update provides some workarounds for graphics driver bugs.  These bugs were causing some devices to hang.  It is not spelled out in the release as to which devices were suffering from the hanging and I for one did not experience any issues on my OnePlus One which is on Lollipop.

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