myAT&T for Android Update Brings Customized Alerts

AT&T customers here in the US have a new update to the myAT&T for Android app that brings several new features to them.  The update, version 4.5 for those keeping score at home, brings the ability for account holders to create custom notifications within the app when you are approaching your data limit each month. It can be configured for individual plans as well as family plans and makes you full aware of when you are approaching your monthly allowance.  It’s a great way to stay on top of your bill before it is too late.

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To setup the notifications in the myAT&T for Android app, you need to open up the app then navigate to Usage.  Scroll down and you will see a new section, Manage usage alerts.  Tap it to open up the notifications you receive.  The range of notifications is pretty substantial.  You can get billing notifications and data usage alerts.  The data usage alerts can be configured for when you reach 75%, 90% and 100% of your monthly data allowance and can be configured to send data alerts to all of the phones on your plan.  In my case, I have a family plan so when we are approaching our

MyAT&T for Android

MyAT&T for Android

monthly limit I want everyone to know in my household so we can all do our part to not go over.

Of course, with the AT&T Rollover Data, running over may not be as big a deal as it once was for some of  you but still, it’s certainly a nice-to-have in the app without having a surprise on the next month’s bill.

Along with these new notifications, the myAT&T app has several performance improvements and usability improvements in this release according to the Release Notes.  Overall I have found the app a bit more responsive than it was in the previous build, especially when it comes to navigating to various parts of the app.

If you are an A&T customer the myAT&T for Android app is free.  It is designed for Android phones running Android 4.0 and higher.

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