Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Coming To AT&T This Week

AT&T has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will be coming to the carrier this week on June 12th.  For those who aren’t familiar, the Active is a more durable version of the Galaxy S6 lineup and follows in the footsteps of the Galaxy S5 Active from last year.  This new, updated version sports dust and water resistant design (but not waterproof) for those who are on the go.  The Galaxy S6 Active sports some nice features including a 5.1″ HD AMOLED display, a 3500 mAh battery for all day performance and a 16MP rear facing camera.

Pricing details were also released by AT&T on the Galaxy S6 Active:

  • Next 24 Plan (30 Payments): $23.17 per month

    Samsung Galax S6 Active

    Samsung Galax S6 Active

  • Next 18 Plan (24 Payments): $28.96 per month
  • Next 12 Plan (20 Payments): $34.75 per month
  • Off Contract:  $695.10

While there was no mention of a 2-year contract option, if the S5 Active is any indication, it will likely be around the $299 mark.

Finally, AT&T has released a promotional video on their YouTube channel of the Galaxy S6 Active which covers the features and highlights of the new phone.

More information on the Galaxy S6 Active can be found on the AT&T website.


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