T-Mobile To Update The Sony Z3 With Lollipop and Expanded LTE Bands

If you are on T-Mobile here in the US and carry the Sony Z3, you are about to have a good Wednesday. Starting today the carrier is rolling out Lollipop to the device and with the update will also come support for LTE Band 12.  The news came via Twitter thanks to T-Mobile’s Des Smith who tweeted the update would be coming via an OTA (Over The Air) update to the device.

It’s good news for sure as the Sony Z3 has been a popular device globally and one that is more than capable of running the latest version of Android.

Along with the updates that come with Lollipop, Mr. Smith also points out in his Tweet that Band 12 support is coming.  This band runs on the 700MHz spectrum which should help with getting an LTE signal in buildings and other areas where interference is an issue.  Right now the 700MHz spectrum isn’t everywhere on the T-Mobile network but is migrating its way through.  It has been

Sony Z3

Sony Z3

found in various parts of the US including Texas, Colorado and parts of California.  The challenge with this spectrum is that it also interferes with television signals so not every area has it yet (New York city is one area that it is a challenge for example).

Regardless, you should start seeing this update coming to your Sony Z3 today. Just check for updates on your device.

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