Google Keyboard Update Brings Improved Accuracy and Auto Completion

Google has released an update to the Google Keyboard app for Android, the keyboard replacement app for phones and tablets.  Keyboard, like Google Messenger and Google Camera, are apps that Google has been harvesting out of Lollipop and releasing as stand alone apps.  As I posted a few weeks ago, this is great for the platform and apps like Keyboard gives everyone the opportunity to try it out without having to worry about Lollipop on their devices.  Personally I’m a big fan of Google Keyboard and highly recommend it.  This latest update, build 4.1.22123.2053724 for those keeping score at home, brings a lot of improvements on typing accuracy as well as significantly improved auto completion of words if you use the gesture typing the keyboard offers.

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The release notes for this update to Google Keyboard:

  • Improved accuracy for word completions and gesture typing
  • Learns from your input instantly, so you get better suggestions over time

    Google Keyboard for Android

    Google Keyboard for Android

  • Gesture auto-completion: Completes a word before you’ve finished the gesture
  • Syncs your user history across devices to improve suggestions (enable in Keyboard settings)
  • Bug fixes, stability, and battery improvements

Google Keyboard Accuracy Dramatically Better

Having been a user of Google Keyboard for some time now, I can say with each build the accuracy of the typing on the keyboard improves.  It isn’t bad at all and having played with this new build over the weekend, the gesture auto completion feature is fantastic.  I mostly use gesture typing when I’m using my device one handed and this update has significantly improved my accuracy but also sped up my time to complete a thought in a text or email.

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