Google Play Music App Update Fixes Some Big Issues

Google has released an update to the Google Play Music app for Android that brings several key bug fixes that many users struggled with in the app.  Chief amongst those issues and now resolved is a bug which would prevent all of your music library appearing on your devices.  I personally ran into this one and am certainly glad to see it resolved.  The update is build 6.0.1950S for those keeping score at home and is available now in the Google Play Store.  If you use Google Play Music for your streaming music or music library playing & syncing, I highly recommend you get this update.

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The biggest fix in this update to Google Play Music is music not appearing in your library on your devices.  If you have sync’d up your music with the service then you should see all songs and albums on your devices.  That was not happening with the previous build for many users and I was one of them.  This latest update seems to have solved the problem.  In checking this morning

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

after doing this update, I can see all of the music I have uploaded to the service on both my OnePlus One and Galaxy Tab 4.

The other big fix in this release has to do with SD cards.  In the previous build, if you removed the SD card, the music on that SD card would be deleted.  That is no longer the case and you should find any music you have on an SD card intact when you insert it back into your devices.

Since they announced their free streaming service last month, I’ve been using Google’s Play Music service on my devices and so far I’m quite pleased.  There is a premium service available for $9.99 per month which gives you access to Google’s 30 million song library that you can download and listen to even if you are offline.  You can sign up for the service within the app.

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