Google Wallet Update Makes Finding Transactions Easier

Google’s payment app, Google Wallet, has received an update that should make life a bit easier for heavy users of the app.  The latest update, build 9.0-R206-v14 for those keeping score at home, makes finding your transactions much easier than before and getting details about those transactions.  It’s all part of a much improved search feature inside the app in an effort to give you transaction details.

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The new transaction search is found in the Transactions portion of Google Wallet.  Use the hamburger menu to go to Transactions and then use the search feature at the top to find a particular transaction.  The search function will allow you to search for the vendor or details of a particular transaction (say a name of a book you bought on Google Play Books) so it is quite robust.

Google Wallet for Android

Google Wallet for Android

Once you find a transaction you can tap on it and get all the details on that transaction on your Android phone or tablet.  That would include the status of the order, the details of the order (what you bought or whom you sent funds to for example), how that transaction was funded and the transaction ID.  All of this significantly improves the functionality and frankly the usability of Google Wallet which hasn’t exactly had a shining career so far.

Finally, keep in mind that if you want to use Google Wallet for tap-and-pay at your local retailers, your phone must have NFC capability.  To see if your device is compatible, go to Settings>More Settings (or More on some devices) and you should see an NFC option.  Make sure it is enabled.  If you do not see this option then your device is not compatible.  Generally speaking, most mid-to-high end devices made over the past couple of years will have NFC capability but double-check to make sure.

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