Transit App Update Brings Alarms So You Don’t Miss Your Bus

We all have those apps that we can’t see how we would get along without them and for me, Transit App for Android is one of them.  The app provides bus, training and city bike information for a wide range of metro areas globally and given that I do not actually own a car I’m very reliant on buses, trains and what we call our B-Bikes.  That’s where an app like this one comes in handy and Transit App is in my opinion one of the best.

This week the makers of Transit App have released a new build of the app which brings an all important reminder feature so you know when your next bus or train is leaving or, more importantly, when the last bus or train is leaving so you don’t get stuck paying for a taxi home.  This latest update, version 3.7.1 for those keeping score at home, brings this easy-to-configure alarm along with some other improvements that bike riders will appreciate.

I should point out that Transit App isn’t just about public transportation but gives you all the options to get from point A to B including services such as Uber and Car2Go.

Transit App for Android – Free – Download Now

The new alarm/reminder feature in Transit App is configured when you select the bus line or train line that you want to take to get you to your next destination.  Highlight that line then tap the Clock icon in the details.  You will then have the ability to set a reminder before that bus or train departs so you won’t miss it.  Equally as important, the app tells you the estimated walking time from your current location to the bus or train station so you can accurately estimate when you need to leave to catch it.

For those of you who ride bikes, Transit App also has an important new feature for you in this release.  Now you can see bike paths or lanes in your location so you know which streets around you

Transit for Android

Transit for Android

or in your city are pedal friendly.  This will help not only in your planning but should help keep you a bit safer as you travel.

Transit App covers a lot of cities here in the United States as well as other globally.  This includes major metro areas such as New York, San Francisco, Houston, Denver, Seattle and Washington DC.  You will also find great coverage in Canada and Europe.  Be sure to check out the full product description in the Play Store for all the details on which cities are available in the app.

Transit App for Android is designed for Android phone and it is free.  If you are looking for a powerful and accurate public transportation app and trip planner, give this a serious look.

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