Windows 10 Service Release 1 Expected Next Week

Despite being publicly available for about a day and a half, rumors are already floating that Windows 10 will see its first major service pack next week.  The news was first broken on The Verge that Service Release 1 is expected in August and likely as soon as next week.  This is a far cry from the Service Pack mentality of Windows of old and is likely the path that Microsoft will continue to take as Windows 10 evolves.  Like it or not.

According to The Verge sources, there won’t be any new features in this Service Release 1, only fit-and-finish updates and bug fixes.  While the fact that a major SR is coming just a week after the launch of Windows 10 will panic some of you, it actually is a good thing.  A really good thing.  Given that Windows 10 was being updated at one point at 16 copies per second, suddenly Microsoft

The Windows 10 Start Menu

The Windows 10 Start Menu

has a wide range of PCs and tablets running the OS beyond the Windows Insiders program.  That means more hardware combinations, more user profiles and the like so undoubtedly bugs have popped up in the past 36 hours that didn’t when Windows 10 is in beta.  Microsoft appears to be collating that information, squishing bugs and giving everyone a big SR1 gift.

More importantly, this is likely a scene we will see repeat over the life of Windows 10.  There won’t necessarily be the big, bold Service Packs of old but rather these smaller but significant updates at a more frequent cadence.  This is good in that it will be far less time from found-to-fix on bugs and issues but it also means that Windows Update has taken on that much more importance for everyone.

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