Amazon Shopping App Adds Voice Search

Amazon has released an update to their Android phone shopping app, Amazon Shopping, that brings deep and impressive voice integration into the app.  The update is available now and is build for those keeping score at home and it brings it on par with the Amazon app for Android Tablets which has voice search functionality.  The update for the phone version of the app is a bit more sophisticated in what you can do with it just by talking to the app.

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The most basic thing you can do a voice search on the Amazon Shopping app is to find products to purchase.  You can use commands like “Find a blender under $100” or “Find All Chromebooks” and it will find those items for you.  The idea of course being that you can say things faster than you can type.  In my testing over the weekend, it works really well.  I was able to find various things on Amazon through commands and I was also able to use more complex commands like “Find Acer Chromebooks under $200” and it was able to sort it out.

Voice Search in Amazon Shopping for Android

Voice Search in Amazon Shopping for Android

Two other things that you can do in the Amazon Shopping app that you can’t do on the tablet version is search your orders and schedule your reorders.  If you have placed an order on Amazon, you can ask the app “Where is my order?” and it will you the updated tracking information on your order.  If you have multiple orders out then it will simply bring them up and you can chose which one you want to track.  You can also place your reorders through the phone app.  If you order something on a monthly basis you can simply say “Reorder Tassimo Cappuccino” and it will be ordered for you.

These new features in the Amazon app are impressive and overall they work really well.  I did find that the app had a little trouble when there was background noise but it had to be a fair amount of background noise to trip it up.

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