AT&T Announces GoPhone Users Will Have 4G Data in Canada and Mexico

AT&T has announced today that users of their prepaid GoPhone program at the $60 level will have access to 4G data in Canada, Mexico and the United States, effectively eliminating data roaming throughout all of North America.  The news isn’t that surprising given the recent changes in T-Mobile’s data plans which effectively do the same for their customers.  The $60 GoPhone program already includes unlimited voice and text to Mexico, Canada and the United States so this is an added benefit that will start August 21st.

For those who aren’t familiar with the GoPhone program, it is a prepaid service starting at low as $30 per month.  The top tier $60 plan also includes rollover data, something that AT&T introduced on their contract phones earlier this year.  There are a wide range of phones available from AT&T on the GoPhone plan including several Android and Windows Phone smartphones.

Nokia Lumia 635

Lumia 635 GoPhone from AT&T

While all the carriers are navigating away from subsidized phones and contracts, it is interesting that AT&T announced this on their prepaid program and not their contracts.  They, like Verizon and T-Mobile, are wanting to get out of the subsidizing business and this could be another way they are pushing their customers to pay as they go.

For all the information on the AT&T GoPhone plans, check out this page on the AT&T site.

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