Cyanogen 12.1 for OnePlus Now Has Boxer Calendar

Earlier today the Cyanogen 12.1 build was released for OnePlus One owners. The update brings Lollipop 5.1.1 to the device along with several other changes unique to Cyanogen. One of those changes is the inclusion of the new Boxer Calendar app as the default calendar app.

For those who aren’t familiar with Boxer, they have for a long time produced arguably one of the better email apps for Android and recently released the Boxer Calendar app to complement it. The two apps interact well with each other and should provide a solid email and calendar solution for many users.  For those who don’t have Boxer Calendar and are looking for a good calendar solution for your Android phone or tablet, you can get it in the Google Play Store.

Boxer Calendar for Android – Free – Download Now

From a functionality perspective, the version of Boxer Calendar in the Cyanogen 12.1 build is the full version.  You can integrate calendars from multiple sources including Exchange and Google Calendar.  Here is a run down of all the features:

Boxer Calendar for Android

Boxer Calendar for Android

  • Works with all of your calendars, including Gmail and Exchange
  • Multiple calendar views include day, week, and agenda view
  • Month view available on tablets
  • Send Availability is the fastest way to schedule meetings without all the back and forth (this feature only works with Boxer Email)
  • Date picker makes navigating your schedule a breeze
  • 20 colors to choose from for each of your calendars and events
  • View your agenda fast with the Boxer widget
  • Built in beautiful Material Design
  • Uses Android’s native calendar backend for synchronization
  • Supports Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010/2013

Having tried out Boxer Calendar before the Cyanogen update, I personally can say it is the first calendar app that has made me consider switching from Google Calendar.  It is a rock solid calendar app and I already use their email app for my Exchange accounts (which, btw, is also included in the Cyanogen build).  It is a solid app and one that should serve a majority of users very well.

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