Google Issues Minor Update for Google Messenger

Google has issued a minor update to their SMS app, Google Messenger.  The update, version 1.4.048 (2144942-38) for those keeping score at home and who love version number Bingo, is available now in the Google Play Store.  If you have not checked out Google Messenger, it is a solid SMS/MMS app that allows you to share things like stickers, your location and of course pictures.  I posted a review back in May of Google Messenger and it has been my main SMS/MMS app on my BLU VIVO IV and OnePlus One almost since the beginning.  It’s a solid app that’s feature rich for a SMS client.

Google Messenger for Android – Free – Download Now

Google Messenger Update Focused on Fixes

In this update to Messenger, you won’t find any new features or functionality.  This is purely a maintenance build with bug fixes and other stability improvements.  The bulk of the big features in the app – sharing of stickers and locations – came in the July update and this is just a bug fix and performance improvements.

Given the simplistic nature of SMS and MMS, there probably won’t be huge changes in the overall functionality of Messenger coming and Google continues to push the improvements in all forms of communication into Hangouts.

Google Messenger for Android

Google Messenger for Android

Overall I have been quite pleased with Messenger.  It is solid, easy-to-use messaging app that integrates nicely into my Android experience.  It has a nice set of features and functionality which, while they could be improved in some areas, generally are better than most built-in messaging apps.  I appreciate that this app isn’t the most sophisticated out there and certainly isn’t going to win a feature bake-off but if you need a simple, clean looking messaging app, give the app a try.

Google Messenger is free in the Google Play Store for Android Phone.

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