AT&T Raises Throttle Limit on Unlimited Plans

AT&T has significantly increased the point at which they begin throttling your data throughput if you are on one of their unlimited plans.  The increase from 5GB to 22GB is significant for users and for their part, should get the FTC looking the other way instead of at AT&T for a little while.  AT&T has been under rather consistent scrutiny over how they deal with their grandfathered unlimited plans, something they no longer offer many customers still have on their plans.

There is nothing that customers need to do or change on their phones or plans for this new ceiling – it happens behind the scenes at AT&T.  Further, it impacts everyone on every device.  When you get to 16.5GB of data usage, AT&T will send you a warning message to let you know that you are approaching the 22GB limit.

MyAT&T for Android

MyAT&T for Android

If you are still on an AT&T unlimited plan, in an ideal world you would be throttled at all.  After all, they advertised it as unlimited in every way.  The reality is that these unlimited plans cost AT&T a small fortune and they never intended them to be used at the level (or as long) as they have been.  Still, getting the data limit raised to 22GB before you are faced with a throttle is probably the best scenario you can ask for at this point.

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